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Meryl and the patent that wasn’t (or was it?)

Meryl is nothing if not loyal to her antivax heroes, even after they’re been found guilty of fraud, falsifying their research, breaching ethics rules and stripped of their medical licence.

She was very defensive when Alex pointed out Wakefield’s obvious conflict of interest on the AVN Facebook page, banning him for this comment:

Fortunately for Meryl she had banned everyone who might challenge her claim from the AVN page. Otherwise, someone would have posted this embarrassing image there:

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Oops….Oh, Meryl!

May 13, 2011

The document Meryl does not want you to see.

Meryl has been busy of late, trying to remove embarrassing documents from all over the Internet by filing false DMCA reports left, right and centre.

How on earth could Meryl own the copyright on a government-issued notice? Who knows? Things work differently in Meryl-world, apparently.

Fortunately, in the real world, people take little notice of obviously false copyright violation claims. Here is the embarrassing document Meryl tried to keep you from seeing:

OLGR Letter-to-AVN-Advising-of-Revocation-14-10-10

In the real world we also have a world for knowingly lodging false DMCA claims. That word is “perjury”. Oh, Meryl!