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Meryl builds a lie before your eyes

Poor Meryl often claims persecution and even martyrdom in order to attract sympathy and, more importantly, cash donations from her followers. Meryl’s lies are now exposed no matter where she publishes them and her misinformation is corrected immediately by the many rational & educated observers now keeping an eye on her – but this doesn’t make for a dramatic story to bring in the big bucks. So Meryl needs to lie about the opposition to her lies in order to keep the big bucks rolling in. After all, $280,000 per year doesn’t just grow on trees you know!

Here’s a textbook example of Meryl in action:

  1. Meryl tweets a link to a truly absurd blog post written by nationally recognised idiot Judy Wilyman:
  2. Like many rational readers, Tracey finds the dense concentration of wacky conspiracy theories and long-debunked antivax canards to be overwhelming. She laughs out loud, via post on Twitter.
  3. Meryl decides to make hay from the ridicule she suffers, and sets up a strawman by trying to link Tracey’s amusement at a retarded blog post to poor little sick kids – a classic persecution play: “Help help, I’m being repressed!”.
  4. Then she swings for the fences by tying in her favourite enemies: Australian Skeptics and fans of the SAVN Facebook page. She generalises to claim frequent and widespread callous behaviour towards sick kids – without a single shred of evidence.

Meryl and the limericks

Fans of the Stop AVN page on Facebook have been having some rhyming fun with Meryl’s infamous exploits; here are the results:

To read Living Woo magazine
All AVN minions are keen
While taking their money
Meryl finds it so funny
that they’ll pay for what never is seen

‎”I’m a martyr!” you’ll hear Meryl whining
Amid all that self-aggrandising
Pissing on science
Is valid defiance
When Dorey is doing the defining

An anti-vax nutter crusader
A logic and reason evader
A hat of tin foil
A cart of snake oil
Come and join! (Just as long as you’ve paid her.)

The antivax crank, Meryl Dorey
Claims there’s two sides to the story
But her so-called conviction
Is nothing but fiction
An addiction to false claims on glory

Her efforts to be anti-vax
Lead Dorey astray of the facts
Amid the correction
And deceit detection
She scrambles to cover her tracks

Dear Leader cries “ACTION ALERT!
My purse strings are starting to hurt!
So here is a tale
Of woo, woe and wail
Now DONATE, including your shirt!”

An antivax liar named Meryl
Flounders to show there’s a peril
In getting kids vaxed.
Responding with facts
Is like shooting fish in a barrel.

When TV or radio discusses
Measles or mumps or pertussis,
Meryl calls with the claim
That she’s got a brain
Though it struggles to do itself justice

When Meryl was shown to cause harm,
She rushed off to court in alarm
“The H-triple-C
Has no power over me!”
And soon she’ll be losing the farm.

It there’s a lie, Meryl will shout it.
If there’s a law, Meryl will flout it.
Indisputable fact?
Related to vax?
You can bet the farm Meryl will doubt it.

There once was an awful quotee
Whose words were read out on TV
The dirty old rat
Said “Did _I_ say that
I don’t believe I did, let me see”

“Da gubbermint’s ebil” she said
“Dey poyzun us out ov our head
I redd it online
The trooth is all mine
Now subscribe and give me your bread”

A sceptic, dear Meryl is not
When she considers all vaccines to be rot
Her bias and confounding
Are truely astounding
Hence why she is the laughing stock

When Meryl said ‘I have a brain’
My sides split with laughter and pain
A tertiary degree
May yet let her see
Her Dunning and Kruger is plain.

An antivax activist’s story
Spread eagerly by Meryl Dorey
Though baseless in science
Displays her reliance
On appeals to emotion and worry.

Meryl’s accurate introduction

Hilariously original blogger Shelley Stocken has proposed that whenever Meryl makes one of her increasingly infrequent public appearances, her host should introduce her to the audience with a great deal more honesty and accuracy than Meryl herself utters when she speaks. Something like this would do nicely:

Ladies and gentlemen, girls and boys, please welcome to the stage,
The best-known anti-vaccination fibber of our age.
A practitioner of obfuscation, fear and superstition,
Who’s been called out by the New South Wales Health Care Complaints Commission,
And the AMA, the ABC, OLGR and more.
She sells non-existent magazine subscriptions in her store.
Folks, the woman who’s about to speak to you in this pavilion
Doesn’t know what “research” means, nor “my mistake” nor “parts per billion”.
She doesn’t know ‘morbidity’ from ‘people being dead’;
And her only real credential is the brain inside her head;
A brain that pleads the Fifth when large donations disappear;
And that thinks “medical journal” means the same as “New Idea”
One that wanes when faced with facts, but faced with Natural News it waxes;
A brain that thinks that homeopathy is prophylaxis.
She’s an expert in the field of Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc;
You can bet the farm that everything she says today’s a crock.
It’s my pleasure to present, in all her dazed, downtrodden glory,
The queen of the conspiracy – I give you Meryl Dorey.

Meryl’s trouble with the truth

Here’s a quick introduction to a few of Meryl’s favourite lies:

There is an ancient proverb which reads, “If Meryl Dorey’s lies were laid end to end, they would stretch…all the way from the start of a very large book to the end of it”.

For the last couple of years, Ken McLeod has been busy proving the wisdom of this saying in a unique way: he’s simply been documenting every lie that Meryl tells, as she tells them. Well, nearly every lie, because sometimes her lies come so thick & fast that no one can hope to keep up. But most of them are being captured and shared in ebooks: 3 full ebooks so far and doubtless still more to come in future.

Have a read for yourself and look at Meryl’s standard level of honesty:

Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With The Truth, Part 1

Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With The Truth, Part 2

Meryl Dorey’s Trouble With The Truth, Part 3

This woman couldn’t lie straight in bed!

Oh, Meryl…

December 17, 2011

Meryl makes up immune suppression

Meryl is generally shameless: she never seems to get embarrassed, she can say the stupidest things with a straight face and doesn’t get embarrassed when she’s show to be wildly, completely, inexcusably wrong.

So that makes this video a rare treat from the archives: Meryl saying something so spectacularly dumb that even she was embarrassed. The AVN took this video down and filed false DMCA notices to try and get it removed from other sites in the hope that it would disappear entirely. No such luck Meryl, we’re going to be laughing at this for a long time to come…

Oh, Meryl!

Meryl gets confused about the “vaccine for earaches”

Meryl, not for the first time, gets a little confused about viruses, biology, physiology and…well, everything really!

A vaccine for earaches?! say wha?! Oh Meryl!

The Pneumococcal vaccine is actually to prevent hundred of children every year from getting pnuemonia, meningitis and septicaemia (infection in your bloodstream which leads to multi-organ failure).

“In Australia in 2002 there were 2271 proven cases and 175 deaths from pneumococcal disease[9] . Of these, 761 occurred in children under five years of age, 9 of whom died. There are more cases of pneumococcal disease but often it is difficult to confirm the diagnosis. It is estimated that the pneumococcus is responsible for causing about 70 cases of meningitis annually in Australia and about 700 cases of septicaemia in children under 5 years.”

In 2004 there were 701 cases of Invasive Pneumoccocal in children under 5
The vaccine was introduced in 2005
In 2006 there were 196 cases of Invasive pneumoccocal in children under 5

all for a bloody earache eh?!

Meryl’s massive overestimation

In July 1998 Meryl and the Australian Vaccination Network predicted that the Australian Measles Control Campaign, then about to kick off nationally, would result in more than 330,000 adverse reactions to vaccination and 3 deaths. In fact the actual result was only 14 adverse reactions and no deaths.

Any self-respecting medical expert who made a gross error, such as overestimating the number of side effects from vaccinating 1.7 million children by 24,000 times, would hang his or her head in shame and make the world a better place by quitting the profession. Fortunately our Meryl has no shame – being proven wrong again and again does not even slow her down. Oh, Meryl!